Hello! My name is Santiago, and I am currently a geomatics student with a focus and passion in applied environmental science. I am attending the Geographic Information Systems program at Selkirk College, where I also recently completed the Integrated Environmental Planning diploma program. By the end of my degree program at Selkirk I plan to attain my designation as a professional biologist. I want to then further my area of study towards the subjects of agronomy, ecology, and mycology. I also enjoy learning about conservation, sustainability, climate change, and drones.
My ideal workplace involves being able to be in the field collecting data, the ability to work in a laboratory, using computing and GIS, and being able to be connected with people and working as part of a team. I love to teach others about what I do and learn from their experiences.



The tip of the Andes

I come from a wonderful place called Colombia. There is a variety of ecosystems and an abundance of culture. Throughout my experience living in South America, I was inspired to work in connecting with nature and be a voice for the animals and plants that do not. I hope to one day come back here to apply all of my skills as a geomatics technician and environmental planner


GIS Projects



Nelson BC


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